Mango Landin’ site to be turned into flats and retail space

Artist's impression of the new development
Artist’s impression of the new development

The site of popular Brixton bar Mango Landin’ is to become nine flats and a “retail space”.

Mango Landin’ sadly closed in December and Urbancity (No.3) LLP, part of the property developer URB Group, have been granted permission for the redevelopment of 40 St. Matthews Road.

The approved application is for the “demolition of existing building and redevelopment to provide a part two, part three, part four storey mixed use development comprising (Class A1) retail use at ground floor level and nine (Class C3) residential flats and provision of private and communal amenity space and landscaping.”

Closed: Mango Landin'
Closed: Mango Landin’



  1. That’s pretty disgusting. It was a special place for everyone to enjoy without being as hectic as the other venues around and it won’t be replaced, just transformed into profits for property developers.

  2. Hopefully the retail space will be devoted to something cultural: a WHSmiths would be nice, for example, to get the Sunday paper. NOT MORE FOOD, PLEASE.

  3. Okay, so they’re building flats which comes as no great surprise but please NOT a Sainsbury’s or Tesco. Surely not? And we don’t want a Morrison’s there either thanks.

      • Since there are two Sainsbury’s there already, we can safely assume it will not be yet another Sainsbury’s. So WHAT will it be? I live literally two minutes away, hence the question. It can’t be another supermarket, after all those people want to make money, you know.

  4. Standard design stuff and the old building was a mess.

    But it’s still a shame to lose a very good bar and venue.

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