Christmas in Brixton: Food Gifts

bacon relish Brixton has such a reputation these days for food that it would be a shame not to take advantage of that and do a lot of your Christmas shopping by buying food gifts in the local businesses and then making sure you give them to people who share them with you. I’ve stocked up lots of delicious goodies this year to show off Brixton in style.

Cornercopia: (Brixton Village) have made this promotion of Brixton food the very foundation of their business. They started off making jams and chutney from local ingredients and grew as Brixton Village rejuvenated. Their Christmas hampers have become a feature every year and this year is no difference. If you are quick this weekend you might be able to grab one of the remaining Edible Lambeth hampers with local honeycombs, quince ketchup and so many other goodies from the area it would take too long to list them all. If you prefer you can also make up your own boxes and hampers from their selection of beautiful booze, condiments and even homewares. You can even pop a copy of Recipes from Brixton Village in there too! It’s pretty much one stop Christmas shopping this weekend with the Tea and Alcohol pop up on Friday and Saturday nights too!

Fish Wings and Tings: (Brixton Village) our Christmas ham absolutely must have some of Brian’s hot pepper sauces on the side and I take a bottle back to Belfast every year. I also hear rumour he might be making punch a creme to soothe you after all that shopping.

Salon: (Market Row) is the place for your British cheese and meat needs. What about a little air dried mutton or ham for someone you love this year? Or a whole cheese? I am very fond of the beer sticks as a way to soak up any excess pints at Christmas parties. Again they can help you make a grown up selection box or hamper.

Market Row Wines: (Market Row) are offering a good selection of wines and beers along with sherry and port for Christmas. Dave will advise you what goes with different Christmas dinners and knows that Santa really likes a little drink on Christmas Eve so will help you pick a great bottle. Brixton Brewery beers are available again as a box set. You can also discuss deliveries of bottles when you buy.

brixton beersRosie’s Deli: (Market Row) not only did Rosie give us a gorgeous recipe for the Christmas edition of the Bugle, she has her own two cookbooks Spooning with Rosie and Supper with Rosie available to buy in the deli. Don’t miss the gorgeous teatowels etc they are selling too.

Ms Cupcake: (Market Row) don’t forget your vegan and dairy free friends this Christmas. You will win so many brownie points (pun intended) when you turn up with a box of baked delights for them or buy a keen baker a selection of baking accoutrements or a class for the New Year.

20 Storey: (Market Row) it might seem odd to recommend a non food trader but Joe stocks a fabulous selection of cookbooks in his shop, especially local ones. You can get books by Ms Cupcake, Franco Manca and of course, me! There are lots of other food related books and of course the best gift for the tea drinker in your life with an I Heart Brixton mug!

Brindisa: (Atlantic Road) a new addition to Brixton this year, Brindisa are doing Christmas in style. You can buy a whole ham leg or shoulder for a party along with tips on how to carve it to impress everyone. They also have whole manchego cheeses, gorgeous goat’s cheese and the smoothest quince paste or membrillo to accompany it. Don’t miss the rich Spanish hot chocolate either.

A&C Deli: (Atlantic Road) Christmas isn’t Christmas for me now without nipping in here for some Portuguese goodies such torrão or nougat, panettone or Italian Christmas cake, gorgeous truffles or biscotti. They are also the best place to get those little things you always seem to need when you follow a new recipe for Christmas such as chestnuts, fresh nuts or pancetta.

Morley’s: (Brixton Road) I can rarely go into Morley’s kitchen department without buying something but it’s usually very good for reductions on Le Cresuet items and cookware. Roasting tins are on offer at the moment if you realise you don’t have anything big enough for a turkey.

TK Maxx: (Brixton Road) the only non independent on my list, the kitchen department here can offer up riches depending on luck and determination to rummage. There’s an excellent baking section and you can often get cookbooks at an excellent price. Don’t miss the weird and wonderful selection of foods such as American candies, teas, coffees, cookies and popcorn at the till which make good stocking fillers.