Brixton Tube escalator works: Your guide to alternative travel

Picture by @_preeya_
Picture by @_preeya_

Did you get caught in a massive queue for the Tube at Brixton this morning? Thousands stood in the rain waiting to get on the first day of escalator work at the Victoria Line station.

The work is due to continue for until July 2015, so here’s our Brixton Blog guide to getting to work without queuing!

Alternative routes to work from Brixton Tube Station

There are a number of options open to travellers well used to the convenience and ease of the Victoria Line from Brixton.

  • Overland trains run every 15 minutes from Brixton Rail station, Atlantic Road, to Victoria and whisk you there in just eight mins.
  • TfL has put on free shuttle buses and extra staff to bus people to the Victoria and Northern Lines at Stockwell. look for the single deckers opposite the Tube entrance.
  • Trains from Herne Hill and Loughborough Junction Stations – both ten to 15 minutes walk from central Brixton, will take you into the City, Farringdon and Kings Cross. For times see National Rail.
  • The Overground from Clapham High Street can whizz you around east London to Highbury and Islington.
  • Jump on a bus from Brixton (but not the main stops on Brixton Road which will be heaving) or, better still, walk to Stockwell Station, where you can get the Victoria Line or the Northern Line.
  • Best of all, why not dust off that rusty bike, check the brakes, oil the chain and take the healthier route to work you should be taking anyway.

More information on services from the TfL website here:


  1. I am sorry but I must start work at 9 am on the dot, as my organisation is very old-fashioned like that.

    I do pay £ 30 + a week for my travelcard (zones 1&2). If I am paying full travelcard prices that include a more expensive tube fare, why on earth am I supposed to get into the horribly grotty Brixton train station, (something I have only attempted twice (literally) in 15 years living in Brixton), and why am I forced to take the train at 8.30 am when I’m barely waking up? I want the tube. They were refurbishing the tube for TEN YEARS and now need 7 months to fix an escalator?

    Escalate this issue to Lambeth Council/ GLA (Greater London Authority/ BoJo (the mayor)

    We should not tolerate this. Brixton is good for campaigning (see Ritzy Living Wage)…

    Let’s campaign about this issue. It is having a very negative impact on residents’ quality of life and will have wider implications for the area as one of Brixton’s main attractions is its fast tube links into the city.

    A disgrace.

  2. Brixton tube is the main artery into London.

    Impossible to get on a Brixton overland train at 8-9.physically no room.

    Shuttle buses to Stockwell are packed too, better to walk.

    Impossible to get on the train at Loughborough junction or Herne hill at 8-9 all trains are jam packed.

    Bus 35 has yet to take me to work directly without having to terminate it’s journey early.

    The ‘alternatives’ need to improve if this is going on till July.

    I would be concerned of bike congestion next.

  3. Commuters [groups], transport unions and the London mayor — consider a London-wide campaign for persuading employers and middle managers to support staggered starting times at workplaces. Why does everyone have to start work at the same time? The trains are always much less crowded after 8.45am, but who these days has the luxury to start work between 9.30am and 10am?

  4. The problem is that the trains are impossible to use from Brixton/ Herne Hill between 8-9 as they are always overcrowded and far too short for the number of passengers. As this morning, they are often delayed.

    If you do manage to get to Victoria on the train between these times, the tube is regularly shut due to overcrowding.

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