Sixteen weapons handed in to Lambeth police in London-wide amnesty

A cache of guns - photo by Met police
A cache of guns – photo by Met police

A total of 16 weapons and a quantity of ammunition were handed in to police in Lambeth as part of an anonymous Met police weapons amnesty.

Six of the weapons were live, six were air weapons and four were imitation weapons. Live weapons surrendered included a shotgun and a Winchester rifle.

Antique weapons were handed in to police, including walking-stick guns in Bromley and Croydon.

A walking-stick gun - photo by Met police
A walking-stick gun – photo by Met police

The amnesty gave Londoners the chance to dispose of firearms or ammunition, by taking it to a local police station and handing it in.

During the two-week period – from November 10 to 23 – those surrendering firearms did not face prosecution for illegal possession and could remain anonymous. All weapons and ammunition were forensically checked for evidence.

In safe hands? A handgun in custody - photo by Met police.
In safe hands? A handgun in custody – photo by Met police.


The haul is just a portion of one hundred and sixteen firearms and over a thousand rounds of ammunition, that have been handed in at police stations across South London during the Met’s first firearms surrender in six years.

Last year 300 firearms were seized as a result of proactive operations.

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Bruce, Trident Gang Crime Command, said: “We had an incredible response to the gun surrender and I want to thank Londoners for their enthusiasm in getting behind this campaign and supporting us.

“The surrender has led to a significant number of lethal-barrelled weapons and ammunition being taken off the streets, preventing them from falling into the hands of criminals, in particular gang members, and helping to further reduce gun crime in the capital.”

Police will conduct further forensic tests on around 25% of the weapons to see if they have been involved in criminal activity.

According to police statistics, gun crime has increased since October last year – Police tackled a gunman in a Tulse Hill kebab shop in January 2014; a Tulse Hill shotgun incident hospitalised 3 in May; a man shot a bailiff who tried to evict him from his Brixton home last year.

If you have any information about gun or gang crime please contact the police, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.