‘The Colours of Myanmar’photo exhibition opens tonight at the Ritzy

Local travel photographer, Maxine Bulloch opens a new exhibition Upstairs at the Ritzy this evening. Arts co editor, Ruth Waters finds out more about Maxine ‘The Colours of Myanmar‘. 

1. Myanmar_MB-1
Photograph from ‘The Colours of Myanmar’ by Maxine Bulloch.
Maxine, could you tell us what people can expect to see on display? Why Myanmar in particular?
Photography shown at the exhibition will be a selection of images that I took whilst travelling in Myanmar in South East Asia earlier this year.  I travelled around to different parts, but there are still a lot of ‘black areas’ that foreigners are forbidden to go to by the government who have a strict hold over the politics of the country and movement of people: the country is very troubled and people very poor, which a tourist just doesn’t get to see to the full extent.
When I came to look back through the photos I’d taken, what stuck out was the prevalence of bright colour that appeared in the landscape, in the clothes that people wear, and even the traditional ‘thanaka’ beauty paste worn on the cheeks of many.

My desire to travel to Myanmar started when I went to a pop up photography exhibition about five years ago where there were a few images of scenes from the country.  I’d never heard of the country before, and after talking to the photographer about the adventures him and his wife had had whilst there I decided I had to go there and experience it for myself.  I’m drawn to visit places I don’t know a huge amount about.

8. Myanmar_MB-2-30Are you a full-time photographer or do you have a day job?

I have a day job but do freelance photography around it, with a focus on travel photography.  To me, travel is the most important way of learning about yourself and the world, and travelling solo is something I think everyone should do.  By putting yourself out of your comfort zone and the world that you know you’ll learn great things, meet incredible people and be truly inspired.  I also visited Kazakhstan earlier this year, which was a world apart from Myanmar, and learnt about the kindness of strangers from both places in different ways.

 How did you come to be exhibiting at the Ritzy?

I approached the Ritzy as I was looking for somewhere to exhibit my photos.  I love the venue, how it is a hub of Brixton, and how it is used for such a multitude of different things anyway, so was very happy they were keen for me to show my work there.

Where’s next for your travel photography?

My upcoming travel plans include the remote Scottish island of Shetland, and a trip to Romania.  Again, I do not know a lot about Romania but the beauty of going somewhere you don’t know a lot about is that you can find it out for yourself.

The Colours of Myanmar exhibition will be on display from 7pm this evening until 3rd November. Find out more about Maxine and her photographs by visiting her website http://www.maxinebulloch.com/