Teens convicted of murder for beating man to death with a chair in row over computer in Brixton community centre

VICTIM: Donald McNicol
VICTIM: Donald McNicol

Three young men who beat an innocent man to death outside Stockwell Park Community Centre, Brixton, have been convicted of his murder.

Donald McNicol, 54, died in hospital on December 15 last year, two weeks after suffering catastrophic injuries when the gang smashed a chair over his head after a row over using a computer in the centre. He had been using the computer to look for a job as an engineer.

Monsur Rahman, 19, from Mitcham, his brother Mamunoor Rahman,  18, from Croydon and Daniel Okello, 20, from Ambleside Avenue, Streatham, were convicted of murder by a judge at the Old Bailey yesterday.

A fourth man, Ibrahim Ford, 17, from Bellefields Road, Brixton, was convicted of manslaughter for his role in the attack.

During the trial, prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse QC said: “One of them, Monsur Rahman, started an argument with Donald McNicol and within seconds the rest of the group joined in. The whole group attacked Mr McNicol, punching him to his face and body.

“It was a vicious onslaught and out of all proportion to any threat that was posed by Mr McNicol.

“Finally one of the group, Mamunoor Rahman, picked up a chair and brought it crashing down on to Mr McNicol’s head.

“He then continued to punch Mr McNicol. The group then left. At that point Mr McNicol collapsed on the floor. He had sustained a serious head injury from which he never recovered.”

DCI Tim Duffield of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command (HSCC), who headed the police investigation, said: “Mr McNicol was sitting quietly at a desk when this group singled him out and launched a most vicious and cowardly attack. Their actions were completely inexcusable.

“I would like to thank the many people who came forward with information, which is testament to the local community’s intolerance of violent crime and the community’s willingness to work with the police.

“In contrast to his assailants, Donald was a caring, dignified and thoughtful man. Our deepest sympathies go out to his friends and family as they try to come to terms with their loss. I just hope that today’s convictions provide them with some small measure of solace.”


  1. Why? Because mindless violence is endemic in the human DNA, and without stiff conditioning, skill at handling it or fear of consequences, it takes over mind and body – especially in a collective of young males. Read ‘Lord of the Flies’. We cannot change the human spirit, we can only impose structures to control it.

  2. terrible waste of lives

    1 victim dead and a family at a loss
    4 young people convicted and have thrown their lives away

    why why why?

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