No 3G phone signal on O2 in Brixton due to faulty transmitter on fire station

According to O2 the phone signal outage is due to a faulty mast on Brixton Fire Station.

Customers of O2 in Brixton have become increasingly frustrated due to lack of 3G signal on their mobiles.

The phone network has apologised to customers struggling to get signal, and blame the outage on a failure of a transmitter on or near to Brixton Fire Station, in Gresham Road

When Brixton Blog spoke to O2, they said they didn’t know when the fault would be fixed as they are “waiting for spare part”.

Resident Simon Usborne tweeted us to ask: “Anyone else experienced a 3G black hole on @O2 in Brixton for a good couple of weeks now?” Another tweeter, @damon_th, added: “You should try living just up Brixton Rd, permanent O2 black hole.”

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  1. Nevermind 3G, Brixton Hill is a dead zone for phone service with O2. I’ve complained numerous times but nothing has ever been done.

  2. I’ve been having real problems in central Brixton – 3g/4g cuts out completely and I’m left with ‘E’ or ‘GPRS’. Really frustrating.

  3. The o2 signal as been bad for ages espically in the beehive where the signal comes and goes

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