Edward Snowden documentary to premiere at Brixton Ritzy

Edward Snowden aka Citizen Four
Edward Snowden aka Citizen Four

A documentary highlighting the story of whistle blower and computer expert Edward Snowden is set to have its London premiere tomorrow night, including a screening at the Ritzy, Brixton.

CITIZENFOUR charts Snowden’s encounters with two journalists in Hong Kong as he hands over classified information about the clandestine activities of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s global surveillance programme attracted international media attention, controversy and criminal charges in the US.

Talking about the significance of the screening the film in Brixton, Luke Moody Britdoc Foundation’s Distribution Manager, said: “Brixton has a vibe to it that is socially engaged and ready to speak up to injustice – and that’s what this film is all about; being a decent citizen.”

As well as the screening there will also be a Q&A session. The film is set to be shown tomorrow night (Friday 17 October) at 8pm at the Ritzy. Buy tickets on the Ritzy website.


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