Developer Parritt Leng reacts to ‘sham’ consultation claims by Loughborough Junction residents

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The developer of a 152-home and 3,800 sq m office development in the heart of Loughborough Junction has responded to criticism over its consultation process with residents.

Residents wrote to the Blog saying that developers had “done a great job” of hiding the plans from residents, and called the whole consultation process a “sham“.

Lambeth council is set to decide on the plans for the Higgs Industrial Estate, at the junction of Herne Hill Road and Coldharbour Lane. Plans include four apartment blocks up to eight storeys, and a ten storey office block.

f29bfadc-9400-4f31-80e7-e5387a98536fResponding to the allegations yesterday, Chris Boyle, associate at Parritt Leng, said the developer has held six public consultation meetings since August 29, and publicised them via Lambeth council and Loughborough Junction Action Group (LJAG).

He added: “As such, we think that accusations of us “hiding” information and the branding of the public consultation process as being a “sham” are very inaccurate. We did get reports from some residents that notices on site had been taken down which we also discussed with our case officer, these were replaced but unfortunately there is no way of completely safeguarding against problems like this.”

Boyle confirmed that part of the development would be provided as “affordable” housing “in line with Lambeth council policy”, as well as a public park.

“A very large Section 106 payment will be made to the council (subject to planning approval) that is used to prepare the local infrastructure for the inclusion of the proposed scheme; there will be various sums associated with health, education, highways etc that the council will allocate accordingly.

“We believe that our proposed scheme will greatly benefit the immediate area whist also assisting in London’s housing shortage.”

Yesterday it emerged there was a divide between many residents, and within Loughborough Junction Action Group, over the issue of massing, or density, of the development.

The target determination date set by Lambeth council is December 5.

How you can have your say:

  • Register on the Lambeth council planning portal using the following references: 14/04826/FUL and 14/04835/FUL. Residents must log in to provide comments.
  • Email
  • Write to: Planning Department, Lambeth Council, First Floor, Phoenix House, 10 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LL.


  1. The proposal for a a new 8 storey residential block at 2 Barrington Road (formerly Barrington Lodge old people’s home closed and derelict or many years) went through without any outcry – maybe because it is surrounded by social housing. Even though this has even less provision for affordable housing than Parrit Leng are proposing by the way.

    The same issues apply in Brixton East as they do at Loughborough Junction – and in addition transdportationwise at Brixton East we have a closed London Overground station which Boris refuses to reinstate.

  2. Dear Reader of this article,

    I attended the meeting mentioned above. Please note the following:

    1. The residents were not remotely ‘divided’ on this issue. They were unanimously opposed to the development and have agreed to contact council leader Lib Peck to request that the developers proposal is thrown out immediately. No residents present at the meeting thought the scheme would benefit the local area. The general feeling is that it will be destructive to the local area.

    2. Planners, property consultants and lawyers were present and noted that the ‘density’ or ‘mass’ of the proposal exceeds all recommended guidelines by almost exactly 100 percent!

    3. Any visitors to the applications page on the Lambeth planning ‘portal’ (webpage – enter Herne Hill Road in the search box, then select the ‘Higgs triangle’ development) will note that in the ‘comments’ accrued so far, only 1 weakly supports the application, while 54 are firmly opposed to it.

  3. I live ’round the corner from the proposed site and saw no leaflets or heard anything about the proposal. I actually do read any planning notices tied to the street lights! Did they not think to leaflet people outside Loughborough Junction station?

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