Call to Fitness with Frankie Holah

By Frankie Holah – Personal Trainer and Brixtonite

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What does fitness mean to you in three words? Have a think and while you’re doing that I’ll tell you a little bit about what it means to me…

Fitness to me is about being functional (Exercises and movement which will benefit me every day), Flexible (I don’t always have hours to train, so what can I fit into 30 mins?) and above all it’s about having FUN (why would I want to be bored while keeping fit…no thanks). So, If your three words are positive ones, then you’re on the right track and hopefully my new column will help you add some cool new things to your current workout; and if your three words were slightly less positive, then hopefully I can help improve that mindset a little…

Here’s a few facts about me, so that we’re a little better acquainted:

I am a freelance personal trainer

I recently represented the UK in the first ever Female Street Workout World Championships and placed 8th in the world (chuffed)

I am not a member of a corporate gym

I am not on a diet

I love training using my own bodyweight

I have a serious addiction to funky leggings and kit

I love coffee (I spend a lot of time in Rosie’s)

I can do 54 press ups in a minute

Being a Brixton resident, a favourite place to train is Brockwell Park – my green gym… (fully air conditioned in every season), as well as the park near my house and sometimes literally the streets of Brixton – It really is amazing what you can do by using what’s around you for free – Bike rack rows anyone? Which brings me nicely on to my challenge for you lovely readers – I want you to take a look around you and see what you can use in Brixton, your home, office or your local park as a training space. It could be something as simple as tricep dips at the bus stop, walking up the escalator, or step ups on a low wall (all done safely of course). It’s the small changes which can make a huge difference to fitness levels and it also keeps things interesting… I am a nightmare on the tube…when I see the bars I just want to swing from them…

Be imaginative! I want to see what you come up with! Send your pictures into and the reader with the best exercise will win a 45 minute training session with me.

In next month’s column I want to answer your questions about keeping fit, exercises, kit, technique…are you confused about what you should be putting in your training schedule? – Send your questions in to if you are looking for a no fads response! Your questions and the answers will be featured.

You can also find me here: Instagram: @frankieholah, Twitter: @frankieholah, and Facebook: Frankie Holah

Here’s to a super active month!! Let’s get moving…





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