Broken escalators cause chaos at Brixton Tube station this morning

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By @KatrionaLewis

There was rush hour chaos at Brixton Tube Station this morning when a reported broken escalator caused severe overcrowding.

As the picture above shows, some commuters queued past Iceland to get access to Victoria Line trains from the station. Other swiftly gave up and looked for another way to work.

Kat Lewis, who took the picture above, suggested a day in Brixton Village instead of the office.



  1. These escalators and the refurbishment of Brixton tube station went on from 2000 to 2009, it took nearly a decade and still the station suffers problems of one sort or another. This station cannot cope with the capacity when even one thing goes wrong such as a broken escalator. Perhaps (just perhaps) London Underground could have terminated southbound trains at Stockwell and then run the train empty to Brixton and had Brixton as an entry only station during rush hour using the other two escalators. Then again there probably would not have been enough platform level staff to have dealt with this measure at Stockwell?

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