Brixton OXJAM rocks with sell-out five venue fundraiser

The Connectors at Oxjam. Picture by Pearlie Frisch
The Connectors at Oxjam. Picture by Pearlie Frisch

BY Sophie Bush

Wristbands costing only £8 got gig-­goers into Kaff Bar, the Market House, POW, the Ritzy Upstairs and The Windmill for Brixton’s branch of the nationwide Oxjam fundraisers.

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“Brixton has a massive music scene already,” said Harriet, one of the event’s organisers, “and I think we have an easy job here getting bands.”

The Kaff Bar’s low-­key air looked like home to Declan McKenna, a snappy young guitarist with a quirky voice who played in front of his parents and an impressed afternoon crowd.

Nomad Folk got everyone bobbing and singing along to some naVy keyboard and wiVy pop covers in the Market House. Folk-rock group HNTR felt like the headliner -­ “they’re really good”, a girl nudged her friend. “I fancy them all!” her friend nudged back.

Picture by Pearlie Frisch


Punters had a pint-­sloshing mosh to rock and indie bands at The Windmill, including rollicking sets from The Connectors and post-­punk group Edna Average, and later from XFM regulars, shoegaze band Dressmaker, that a volunteer recommended “if you like your bands LOUD”.

From the rocking pub and a bit of scuzz, to Upstairs at the Ritzy and a seriously soulful vibe akin to a top-‐notch house-­‐party. “We had to stop lePng people in earlier”, said an organiser.” Camberwell singer-‐songwriter Ray Jones and her band made their set both inKmate and exciting, eliciting stellar dance-­moves from the enthusiastic crowd.

The Blog queued for POW – and a good job, too, or we’d have missed outstanding female voices from performers Georgia Buchanan, and Elle and the Pocket Belles. Buchanan is a cool young talent, while jazzy Elle and her Belles channelled an infectious retro influence.

A spell back in the Kaff around 10.30 pm was like a hipster hoe-­‐down as wicked-­‐fast guitarist and singer Will Wood worked a mightily enthusiasKc crowd. “This guy is brilliant” said Oxjam and Ritzy worker Rami Radi, whooping his support.

“We came from Islington”, said a Kaff drinker, “because the Brixton takeover is the coolest one”. Cool cat Frank Tope proved his credenKals at POW and had every limb in the room bending to his masterly house-mix.
Harriet and the Oxjam crew were cheerfully still distributing lollies (delicious, strawberry; thanks) in the late hours, buoyed perhaps by the capacity crowds and the knowledge that Brixton’s Oxjam is another well-loud, absolutely jammin’ success – and the coolest of the lot, natch.

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