Brixton Flavours Gets Bigger and Better

brixton flavours logoBrixton Blog was lucky enough to get a behind the scenes tour the other night of the upcoming Brixton Flavours food festival happening on Sunday October 26th.

Kicking off at Satay Bar, we ate soft shell crab and tempura vegetables while enjoying the warm welcome at one of Brixton’s best loved venues. Next we were off to The Wine Parlour on Atlantic Road to sample the new house wines at one of Lambeth’s best businesses. A glass of crisp white wine got us ready to go back out in the rain again.


We nipped across the road to The Courtesan for dim sum and cocktails provided by Kaff Bar. Who knew sea bass and mojitos went so well together? It was accompanied by opera from Bitesize Opera and sushi from Ichiban. Spiros from brand new cafe bar Parissi popped in with some chocolate hazelnut brownies too.A quick pit stop into Brindisa saw us eat as much hand carved Iberico ham as possible before heading into Brixton Village. Traders from Senzala, Brixton Village Grill, Jalisco and Fish Wings and Tings treated us to a feast of buckwheat galette, ribs, chicken wings, green plantain tacos and hot sauce. Sponge and Cream sent us on our way with a selection of cupcakes including their legendary Red Velvet Cake.

Barely able to move for food, we stopped off in Market Row at the relaunched Carioca and sampled pillowy cheese bread and dark pork dense pots of fejioada. Casa Morita warmed us on a wet night with rum and chilli spiked hot chocolate before waving us off to the Ritzy to finish the night in the bar there.

We only managed to eat our way round about half the venues on the Brixton Flavours trail and that’s not including the new pop up stalls that Brixton Night Market are helping host on the day. I suggest making a real day of it on the 26th and bringing your biggest appetite possible to make the most of the already excellent £15 price.

You can book tickets in advance on the website or pay on the day down at Kaff Bar now that they’ve linked up with the Brixton Pound to keep it all local and independent. You can also tweet @BrixtonFlavours with ‘get tickets for Brixton Flavours’ for the chance to win one of two copies of Recipes from Brixton Village on the day. Don’t forget to finish off with a drink at Market House or Lounge either!

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