Yet another Tesco Express or Sainsbury’s Local destined for Loughborough Junction?

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 10.42.23Yet another “convenience” supermarket is set to arrive in the heart of Loughborough Junction, if a new planning application is passed by Lambeth council next month.

Plans for the empty plot at 220-224 Coldharbour Lane include a retail outlet on the ground floor, with seven private residences elsewhere in the two to four-storey building.

The council’s Planning Applications Committee is expected to approve the plans at a town hall meeting on September 2.

Local residents, and the Loughborough Junction Action Group (LJAG), have complained that designs are “bland” and of “mediocre” quality. Other objections raised are around overcrowding in the area and poor refuse arrangements.

Anthea Massey, from LJAG, told the Blog: “This is one of the most important sites in Loughborough Junction and it defines the junction at Coldharbour Lane and Loughborough Road. We don’t consider this design to be of a high enough standard for this important location.”

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The proposal document shows plans for the ground floor including checkout and self-checkout areas, as well as chillers and a large store at the back. The council suggests the shop would receive several lorries each day. The report states that the retail development would cover 220 m sq and: “It is estimated that this would generate up to three deliveries per day. This estimation is based upon existing Tesco Metro and Sainsbury’s Local stores and as such is considered to be accurate and robust.”

There is already a Tesco Express store less than 50m from the site, at 242-248 Coldharbour Lane, and there were formerly plans for a Sainsbury’s Local in the former Crown Inn a few yards the other way.

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For more information see the planning application report here.

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  1. This is a defining part of Loughborough Junction so can we have something that is pleasing on the eye. Maybe a series of small shops and cafe as opposed to another metro style supermarket .

  2. Why is the Loughborough Action group always against any chain redevelopment, the place is not an area of outstanding natural beauty so id take “bland” or “mediocre” over an absolute sh@thole

  3. Perhaps if Lambeth Council decides to award the build to Sainsbury’s it could include a caveat. They promised to (written in an article in the Brixton Blog) to revamp the crossing outside their medium size store on Tulse Hill. That was 16 months ago and still nothing has been done in way of pedestrian safety at that crossroads. Sainsbury’s should be held to account on what they promised the local community before they are awarded planning permission to build anymore stores in Lambeth. Perhaps those Councillors on the planning committee would care to take note of this.

  4. I am not in favour of these convenience-style supermarket stores spreading about Brixton like a rash. But Loughborough Junction does need regeneration, or at least not to look like it currently does, which has never been all that great.

    I note that Anthea’s “action group” is funded by Lambeth council, which presumably has the final say on whether this store will ever open. How very cosy.

  5. what would help is if shop rent and rates were more conducive for local traders to take up more space. The Tescos and Sainsburys can do so, as they can afford the costs.

  6. Why not? They are a saving grace. The one at the top of Brixton Hill is so handy I go there nearly every day and is a great pull for the other businesses like hairdressers on the same stretch. Since this area of Loughborough is so far out of town, just like the top of Brixton Hill, the additional will be a very useful service to the area.

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