Brixton Pub Review – Hootananny

imageThe Space

A big, grungy space split into two rooms – one for live music and another filled with tables, chairs and pool tables. There’s a great garden out front too.

The Punters

Weekends it’s full of reggae/ska/latino fans, to those who want to continue after the pubs have closed. Come weeknights though, you’ll mainly find long-time locals playing pool.

The Booze

A pretty standard selection of booze – your average lagers on tap and a few basic wines. But Hootananny’s not really about that…

The Grub

On the weekend there are food stalls in the garden, so the peckish can get a taco, a pizza or jerk chicken, all for around a fiver.

image-1The Damage

Beer is around the now-average £4 a pint price, with wines, spirits, etc. pretty much the same as the rest of Brixton’s pubs. Free to get in though.

An Interesting Fact

It must be the only pub in Brixton that will sell you a Christmas tree as well as a pint.

The Highlights

The music. Hootananny offers an array of live music – reggae, dubstep, indie, rock, hip hop. You name it, basically.

What’s a bit rubbish?

It can become unbearably crowded on Friday and Saturday nights.

image-2What else they got in the bag?

Aside from the variety of live music, Hootananny also has comedy acts, hosts the Brixton Book Jam and sing-a-long nights. ‘Rappers delight’ karaoke anyone? Check out their listings on their website below.

To sum it up…

A live music pub crammed with a mix of Brixton’s loyal, local music fans and the area’s newcomers alike.


Address: 95 Effra Rd, Greater London SW2 1DF.  Tel: 020 7737 7273

Visit their website by clicking here.

Britxon Pub Review – Hootananny by Anna McKie


  1. I was at this place on Friday, having been bought up round the corner and often sneaking into, what was the Hobgoblin, while I was underage. I haven’t been back recently and I couldn’t believe how much it has changed! It used to be walk straight in, nods from the lads playing pool and friendly bar staff. Now, long queue to get in, a fiver on the door, two body searches, scanning my ID, etc etc. Also was packed to the brim with drunk teenagers (which I guess I shouldn’t complain about as I used to be one!). Still had an amazing night though. Music was excellent.

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