Roof Dog Beer Launch @ The Windmill Brixton Saturday 25th May


So have you heard of Roof Dog? Ahhh ok let me explain. Brixton landmark indie pub The Windmill has a friend who lives on the roof…his name is Roof Dog.

On Saturday May 25th The Windmill is celebrating the launch of their new beer and it is named after their very own Roof Dog! Brewed exclusively for Windmill by Pitfield’s Organic Beers the new Roof Dog Beer is a cheeky 4.5% number made with pale malted barley and added German hops.

Join Roof Dog in celebrating his own beer with a BBQ and Party. Music on Saturday includes French-Mexican female band Majorettes as well as  Mama Can Tango, Meat Raffle, Space Heroes of the People and punk rockers Billy Prince Brown.

Brixton Bank Holiday BBQ’s are always a welcome treat so get down to the Windmill for some beer, BBQ, meat and music!

Doors Open 5:30pm

£3 on the door