Brixton Village teams up with Brixton Pound for Big Lunch festival

Big lunchShoppers, foodies and traders will come together in Brixton Village on Sunday for a Big Lunch event.

Covered market businesses have teamed up with Brixton Pound for the charity event, which starts at 11am by the Coldharbour Lane entrance to Brixton Village.

The event will include live music, games and an art workshop from Brixton Bugle illustrator Kaylene Alder. There will also be a “pick n mix” market lunch on offer for £6, with all proceeds going to local charities. Blog Food Editor Miss South will also be on hand to sign copies of her new cookbook Recipes from Brixton Village.

The aim of the Big Lunch, started buy the Eden Project, is to get as many people as possible to have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun.

Food will be served from 1pm until it runs out.




  1. How wonderful to hear from an Old Girl – my children go into hysterics when I tell them I belong to the Old Girls society of Mary Datchelor. I live in Pennsylvania. What year did you leave school? I left in 1951. . I notice – Brixton Village – where is that? Glad there is a blog – how amazing is that? Both of us at the same school. I would certainly like to share memories with you. I am also on Facebook and look forward to hearing from you – perhaps later a phone call. Be well and thank you for finding me!!! I am going home this year for a holiday and hope to drive through Brixton. I haven’t been home for ten years as I was care-giver to my beloved John for 14 years and after 2005, he couldn’t travel. He died in June 2015, it is time to go back for a short visit. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • hello again yvonne! i lived in dulwich village when at datchelor, used to walk to school! it would be lovely to talk with you on the phone or by my email rather than the blog, more privacy that way! i do not do the Facebook thing but check my email and phone often. look forward to more connections re our shared geography. brenda

  2. hello dr. yvonne kaye! i am also a mary datchelor old girl living in the usa! where are you? i am currently in guilford, connecticut. i lived in dulwich village and loved going to the lovely old cinema in herne hill. would love to share memories with you! all the best, brenda

  3. I lived in Brixton during the Second World War and beyond. My mother owned a delicatessen market in Brixton Market in the 1930s so I am Living History in a way. I have a host of memories of that time. We moved to Helix Gardens having been bombed out twice prior to that and I went to New Park Road School on Brixton Hill. After that I went to Mary Datchelor High School for Girls (a scholarship girl) in Camberwell Green. I remember Sir Oswald Mosely coming to Brixton with his henchmen – racist filth – and my foster brothers being beaten up by the Blackshirts, coming home bloodied while the police did very little to stop these monsters. My grandfather had a tailor shop on Brixton Hill and most of his huge family lived in the areas of Streatham, Herne Hill, Norwood and so on. I wrote a story about football which was published in the UJNews which is the only British Newspaper published in the States where I now live. I’d love to send it to a blog or magazine in the UK. Any ideas.? I am very proud of being a Brixton Girl and my children who were all born in the UK say, you can take mum out of Brixton but you can’t take Brixton out of mum. So true and the Americans love that attitude. I’ll keep reading your blog

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