Ambitious shipping container plans revealed as finalists in contest to run Popes Road ice rink site

The 4,000 sq m site in central Brixton has been offered up by Lambeth council for up to five years, in its Meanwhile at the Ice Rink contest
The 4,000 sq m site in central Brixton has been offered up by Lambeth council for up to four years, in its Meanwhile at the Ice Rink contest
Brixton Toolbox
Brixton Toolbox

Lambeth council’s Future Brixton planning team has revealed its two finalists in the competition for organisations to take over and run the former ice rink site, in Popes Road, for two to four years.

Both the bids, which will use converted shipping containers, will rely on private investment to fund the ‘meanwhile’ projects, despite the council initially offering up to £85,000 of seed funding for the plans.

Grow Brixton
Grow Brixton

The two schemes, called Grow Brixton and Brixton Toolbox, plan to transform the empty site and will make money from outlets. Both schemes would use some of the profits made from the eateries and bars to fund social good, including apprenticeships, training and an outdoor public space. Both plans will be presented to the public at a meeting at Meanwhile at Number 6 building, Somerleyton Road, tomorrow evening from 6.30pm until 8.30pm.

See outlines of the two plans below, and catch more details at the council’s Future Brixton website.

Grow:Brixton meanwhile plan

Brixton Tool Box Meanwhile



Lambeth council teamed up with the Brixton Market Traders’ Federation for the “meanwhile” contest. While they have organised two public events, one for young people on April 2 and the second in Somerleyton Road, Future Brixton told Brixton Blog that the public say had no weight in their scoring system.

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  1. Don’t they need a car park there? I always have to go home before I have finished my shopping because I can only find 90 minute car parking.

  2. How about an ice rink? Or it people don’t want that, a multi-storey carpark -?
    Seriously – why is everyone going along with all this breathless hype about the council messing around with temporary uses? It’s like everyone is so excited with Brixton becoming such a draw to groovers and ravers from all over London that we can’t put the site to serious local use. Why can’t the council build a block of flats? They say they are converting 3 of the blocks in Rushcroft Road to social housing because there isn’t any more in central Brixton – well here’s their chance!!!

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