Operation Big Wing: 42 arrested in Lambeth police raids

rsz_stock_pic_policePolice cracked down on criminal gangs, arresting 42 people in Lambeth yesterday.

Europe-wide Operation Big Wing targeted organised criminal networks and others that deal in stolen mobile phones.

Many of yesterday’s arrests were made in Brixton Market, where a number of phones were recovered by police.

Speaking about criminal gangs, Commander Stephen Watson, leading the operation, said: “We are tracking and understanding how their illegal practices operate with a view to putting them behind bars”.

Operation Big Wing was carried out in partnership with police forces across the UK and law enforcement agencies in 13 European countries through Europol.

Commander Stephenson added: “These efforts should stand as a clear warning to mobile phone criminals that we are narrowing in on criminal activity and the organised networks they may operate in, who will soon have no place to hide within this country or Europe.”

Countries that contributed to the mass day of action included Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

Director of EuroPol, Rob Wainwright, says: “EuroPol has been pleased to support the UK and other EU countries in this case by using its intelligence capabilities and co-ordination services to identify the pan-European network behind these crimes committed in London.”

Arrests were made for a range of offences, including suspicion of handling stolen goods, robbery, burglary, theft, drugs, assault and offenders wanted on warrant.

Police also seized cash in the raids.

A total of 205 people were arrested across South London.


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