Ritzy cinema human rights exhibition

Inside a witch doctors shrine by Daniel Ali
Inside a witch doctors shrine by Daniel Ali

At the Blog, we’re always interested in the creative stuff that the staff at the Ritzy are getting up to.

This week they launched a photographic exhibition of their own work to coincide with the Human Rights Watch film festival, we popped along to check it out.

We were really impressed by the body of work, which echoed the themes of the festival programme.

The tasty wines provided by Bibendum Wine and beers from Brixton Brewery were a nice touch.

Our two favourite pieces were women’s rights themed photograph Riots Not Diets by Robert Alleyne  and Daniel Ali’s Inside a Witch Doctor’s Shrine shot in Kampala, Uganda.

Alleyne’s work explores ideas around empowerment and highlights the  necessity of women having a voice and being heard.

Ali’s photograph reflects the icons and villains theme and examines witchcraft in modern times.

The exhibition closes on 9th April. Check it out while you have the chance.


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