Evelyn Grace students’ work showcased on Brixton billboards

elliot now 1
Staff and pupils from Evelyn Grace and Photofusion in front of one of the billboards

Students from the Evelyn Grace Academy have been given the chance to display their talent to the the public on three billboards in the heart of Brixton.

The artwork, by six pupils, is being displayed in Electric Lane, just off Electric Avenue, and celebrates the end of the academy’s literacy project.

Hundreds of youngsters, aged 12 and 13, took part in the project that involved extending their literacy skills to undergraduate level in a programme of study focussing on the work of 20th twentieth century poet TS Elliott,  The Waste Land.

The initiative is part of a larger programme,’Elliott Now’ which aims to look at the poet’s use of language and how students can make it relevant today.

Devon Hanson, principal of Evelyn Grace, praised the efforts of English teacher Norris Morrissey and pupils. He said: “The work of Mr Morrissey has been outstanding. The children have risen to the challenge and produced truly remarkable work. They should all be very proud.”

In preparation for the exhibition, pupils explored themes from The Waste Land through photography, working with professional photographers and young volunteers from Photofusion Gallery, in Electric Lane. Pupils enjoyed this opportunity to learn about the poem through imagery and described this process as: “An opportunity to bring literature to life”.

More students will have the chance to showcase their work at an exhibition to be held at the academy.

The project is running in ten secondary and primary schools that form part of the Brixton Learning Collaborative, a group of state schools that work together to achieve higher standards for pupils.








  1. As Partnership Manager of the Brixton Learning Collaborative, can I just add that this project was made possible by the Clore Poetry and Literature Awards. Also, Eliot only has 1 ‘l’! many thanks

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