INTERVIEW: Eddie C performing at next Saints Don’t Sleep

Regular Brixton Jamm night Saints Don’t Sleep continues into 2014 with a line-up packed with some big names from the international house music. On Friday 24th January the SDS crew will take over Brixton Jamm with Andrès, Eddie C and NO FAKIN on hand to shake off the post-Christmas blues. Arts co-editor Barney Evison interviewed Canadian-born DJ Eddie C, described as “one of the funkiest men in electronic music” ahead of his performance. 

eddie c 1

What are you working on at the moment?

Ridding myself of this winter sickness that everyone seems to have! I’m trying concentrated oil of oregano. It burns like crazy so it must be healthy. I mix it with olive oil and take it on a spoon like medicine. Even opening the tiny bottle makes the whole kitchen stink like oregano.

Apart from that, the new and first Red Motorbike 12″ test press and promos just arrived and they sound fantastic. I’ll take some around Berlin today as a matter of fact.  My current favourite hobby!

I also have to take my passport down the Russian embassy as I’ll be travelling to Moscow and Murmansk in March. Murmansk is very north.  I’ve always loved the Arctic but have never been!  I’m very excited.  Might take a submarine to Tromso.

Describe your music in 5 words.

Isn’t that the journalist’s job? [challenge accepted: funky, smooth, eclectic, sweaty, lush]

Have you played in Brixton before?

No, but I did used to be heavily into Jungle Drum n’ Bass. I understand it’s been quite a big deal in Brixton for a while now. I grew up near Toronto where there was probably the biggest Jungle scene outside of the UK. Do people say ‘Jungle’ still?  Or was there a conscious switch to  ‘Drum ‘n’ Bass’ at some point? Anyway, I still have a few crates of crashing Amen drums and Reggae basslines.

How about London – do you have any favourite venues?

I’ve only played a few times in London actually. A recent gig at Corsica Studios was pretty amazing.

Where can we buy or listen to your music online, and find out more about you?

Phonica in London usually picks up most of my records. I put DJ mixes on Soundcloud and I keep a blog, mostly for personal use to keep track of my life!

Don’t miss Eddie C at the Jamm on 24th January – grab some tickets from the websiteSaints Don’t Sleep is a regular night founded on three basic principles: good vibes, quality music, reasonable prices. SDS has quickly established itself as one of London’s most exciting underground nights and has built a solid and loyal following from much-loved local venue Brixton Jamm.