Brockwell Videos: The community gardens

Kicking off our video series on the people of Brockwell Park (lido swimmers, runners, dog walkers, you name it), Alison Alexander from the Brockwell Park Community Gardens tells us about her favourite plant in the gardens


Brockwell Park Community Gardens from Zoe Jewell on Vimeo.


  1. Having intimate knowledge of Brenda’s garden, it’s easier than usual to answer a question like this… Mum, first off, that’s pretty amazing because they’re usually very difficult to germinate! Growers recommend pre-soaking the seed for 12 hours. The climate in the UK isn’t well suited to peanuts, particularly not your dry part of East Anglia. They also like a sandier, better drained soil than your clay. They need a long growing season – four months or so of consistently high temperatures and constant moisture. So the best place to grow them outside in the UK would be the west coast – Cornwall or the Highlands – but they are still unlikely to get enough heat. They’re really a greenhouse crop here and still tricky even then.

  2. Had plenty of seedlings in the garden via the bird feeders but that’s as far as they got. What did we do wrong?

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