IPCC to reinvestigate death of Sean Rigg in police custody


The investigation into the death of Sean Rigg in police custody is to be re-opened by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Following the inquest into Mr Rigg’s death which uncovered a ‘litany of appalling failures’, the Metropolitan Police have accepted that the first IPCC investigation was of an ‘inadequate standard’.

Mr Rigg, 40, was a musician who suffered from schizophrenia, and lost his life in August 2008 while in custody at Brixton police station.

Rigg was handcuffed and restrained in the face down prone position as officers leant on him for eight minutes. The cause of death has been recorded as a cardiac arrest.

The Metropolitan Police have also accepted that the findings of the inquest jury varied with an initial report from the IPCC, and create the need for ‘further investigation’ and ‘greater clarity’.

It has also been suggested by a police watchdog, has said that the death of Sean Rigg symbolises a ‘deeper problem’ in terms of attitudes towards the mentally ill.

To hear an interview with his sister Marcia Rigg speaking to the Brixton Blog, see here.


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