Your help needed to make Lambeth a safer and more peaceful place

A creative team at this weekend’s Made in Lambeth event are working on the idea of a “peacekeeping” network to help reduce violence in the borough.

They hope to bring people together to reduce violence in the borough, and have asked Brixton Blog readers for your help.

The team is particularly interested in finding out what motivates people to join or participate in community activities, social networks and movements.

This afternoon they asked Brixton Blog readers to answer three questions to help them with their ideas by commenting on this post in the section below.

For a bit more background to the project watch this video  by project lead Paul Dutton.

Designing the launch of an Anti-Violence Network for Lambeth from Made In Lambeth on Vimeo.

If you have a few seconds spare, please take time to answer the following questions:

  1. Are you involved in any activities in your community? What motivates you to get involved.
  2. Are you involved in any social networks, either on or offline? What motivates you to join and participate in these networks?
  3. What would encourage you to get involved in a network or movement to make Lambeth a safer and more peaceful place?

Please help the team by leaving your comments below or, if you prefer, email the project lead directly on