Burger Bling. Brixton’s fast food jewellery.

Roxanne's Burger Ring
Roxanne’s Burger Ring

Nick Christian chats with Roxanne (Goldie Rox) – local jewellery maker with a difference

There’s no denying that Brixton likes its fast food with a side order of flash: at Franco Manca people will queue for weeks just to get a whiff of sourdough; Wishbone, for reasons that defy fathom, is still there; Wahaca is coming. And of course there’s Honest Burgers, the most celebrated of the lot, which at last count had a fifteen thousand strong social media following.

As well as having recently expanded beyond its SW9 roots to some of the more gilt-edged parts of the city, Honest Burgers can now add a genuine gold and silver special to its blackboards as it is the direct inspiration for a new line of food jewellery from local designer Roxanne Rajcoomar.

Before starting her own bling business Roxanne studied at the London College of Fashion, going on to work for the Diamond Trading Company and Bulgari. Having grown up in South London, Brixton became home four years ago. In 2012 came her first trip to Honest Burgers that, as she puts it herself, “changed my life”.


Following that momentous meal, as many a self-proclaimed foodie is wont to do, she created a blog intent on proving Brixton as the provenance of the very best burgers in London. Following a nine month stint in Melbourne last year during which she completed a silversmith course and freelanced for food jeweller Lucy Folk, Roxanne came home to start her own jewellery business, Goldie Rox.

More is coming but for now the only item on the menu is the signature burger ring. Handmade from sterling silver and plated with 24 carat gold it is a weighty bit of bun and beef. Roxanne sees the target market as being the “young, cool and fashionable burger lover”. We suspect most won’t be ordering fries with that as coming in at £169 it might make more than your mouth water.

Nevertheless Roxanne denies that her jewellery could only have local appeal amongst the monied migrants, against which certain interest groups so vociferously protest. Furthermore she rejects the perception that there’s anything wrong with the changes the area is undergoing as “the people that move to Brixton want to maintain what it was that attracted them to the area in the first place.” How’s that for Honest?


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  3. I think it’s great to read of a Brixton girl with ambitions to build a brand that reaches beyond the borough. Rather than being a symptom of the monied migrants, perhaps GoldieRox is example of local enterprise embracing aspirations, rather than fighting them. More importantly, if I order a burger ring do I get a shake with it 😉

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