Bike to life: Brixton cycling schemes revive tired bikes

A maintenance session in progress
A maintenance session in progress

Over a thousand bikes have been fixed during the summer at a series of cycle surgeries around the borough.

Lambeth council supported a number of cycling schemes, including free bike training, security marking and HGV driver awareness sessions.

Cllr Imogen Walker said Lambeth  is a “cycle friendly” borough, adding: “The success of schemes like these  just shows how much appetite there is for cycling and we’ll do all we can to support that.

“There’s a good cycling community  that means you can get bikes fixed, get second hand cycles along with advice and encouragement to feel safe and confident in the saddle.”

One cycling project on the Loughborough estate, People Empowering People (PEP), has seen about 400 people turning up for help and advice on how to properly fix and keep cycles roadworthy.

Nicholas Okwulu, head of PEP has been bringing “dead” bikes back to life in a bid to teach young people how to properly repair broken bikes. He said:  “You’ve got bikes that aren’t being used because people don’t know how to fix them, young people who need skills to help them get on and people wanting to try or get back to cycling so this pulls it all together – what’s not to like?”

Hard at work
Hard at work

The club has fixed over a thousand bikes, which were donated by local police. It is particularly keen on reaching more women who would not normally cycle.

The organisation also dedicates its time and effort to dance projects for young people in Lambeth, more information on PEP can be found on their website

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