New Name for Dagon’s

Dagon's new sign

Fish lovers may well know that Dagon’s fishmongers in Brixton Village changed hands at the end of May. It was taken over by the owners of Jeffries in Market Row and it’s had a few changes such as a new floor and new lines such as tiger prawns the size of kittens and several varieties of river fish. The service and quality has stayed the same, although people missed Gareth when he left.

The big change came this week when the new name and sign was unveiled after close consultation with the longest serving staff member Donna who worked for Dagon’s for years and still remains now. Now known as Ilias’s, the sign matches with new paint jobs at the grocery stalls on either side and should assure everyone that it’s still the stall for them!

It might be hard to change the name in your mind but for slow learners like me, they’ve kept the Dagon’s awning at the moment to break us in gently!