Missing chicken?

A missing chicken...
A missing chicken…

Missing moggies, missing dogs, even a missing turtle – we’ve had them all, but today wins the prize for our most bizarre ‘missing animal’ email yet, and it comes from a resident of Halliwell Road, who writes:

A bit weird I know, but we have found and are looking after a homeless chicken. It ran in to our kitchen on Saturday night and we’re trying to find it’s owners.

We live on Halliwell Road (SW2 5HB) just behind the Windmill pub off Brixton Hill. We have asked all the local houses but no one seems to know where she came from.

She’s very sweet (and I would actually really like to keep her!!) but thought we’d try and find her owners in case they are worried or she misses her chicken friends.

If you know of a missing chicken that needs reuniting with its owner, then email us on info@brixtonblog.com.



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