DE Burger Night at The Duck Egg

duck egg poster
Some burgers are like the first date you go on where you want to impress them and tell them all your funniest anecdotes. Others like the ones at The Duck Egg’s DE Burger nights are the kind of good company you look forward to going to the pub with.
A 6oz patty in a firm but sweet bun with proper ripe red tomato, homemade tomato relish, crisp red onion, mayo, mustard and non iceberg lettuce, it comes wrapped in greaseproof paper like a delicious gift. A bowl of crisp fries accompany it on a tray to catch the carnage when I try to eat it with any semblence of dignity.
It’s substantial and tasty. A proper two handed burger with a bun that doesn’t squelch to nothing. The meat is tasty and I like the obviously home made texture. Despite liking my steak so pink, it’s actually blue, I don’t like pink middled burgers and this one is cooked through without being dry. I demolished it in record time and loved it.

I’ve always found the attention to quality a real selling point at The Duck Egg with decent bacon and sausages as well as the eponymous duck eggs and I feel the burger follows that tradition. I had mine at lunchtime, but the evening option of a mushroom swiss or a veggie burger sounded very alluring.

You can try the standard burger daily for £7.95 including fries. The specials (changing weekly) are available at DE Burger Nights on a Wednesday or Thursday 6-10pm. I believe the nights are BYO with a corkage charge.