Dexter’s Adventure Playground summer open day

 By Saara Jaffery-Roberts

Dexter's adventure playgroundA much loved adventure playground in Brixton is once again open to children and young people.

The newly refurbished Dexter’s Adventure Playground on Railton Road will be holding an open day this Saturday to celebrate the reopening of the site.

Dexter’s Road was closed for some time due to safety reasons. However, major improvements mean that it is now fit for use by the public.

Cllr Rachel Haywood told Brixton Blog that “open public spaces are important to everyone, particularly in the summer, and that Dexter Road is one of a number of fantastic open spaces in the Brixton area that are free and can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Speaking about this Saturday’s event, she said: “Saturday’s open day is a chance for families to come and enjoy Dexter Rd adventure playground.  It has been very disappointing for people that it was closed for some time as there were safety issues that needed addressing. Safety of children, staff and other playground users is of the utmost importance.

“Because every community is different, we want local people to decide what activities they want, how they want the playground to be run and so on. Saturday’s open day is a great opportunity to meet parents, staff and other people who are already involved and most importantly for children to try out the brilliant new equipment.”