Into sewing and dressmaking? Sew it with love

CREATIVE: Sample tote bags. Image courtesy of
CREATIVE: Sample tote bags. Image courtesy of

By Laurice Laird

A budding fashion designer has set up sewing and dressmaking classes and workshops for local enthusiasts.

The courses, based in South West London, offer a friendly and relaxed approach to beginner and intermediate sewing, crafts and dressmaking.

Beginners’ workshops vary from learning to thread the sewing machine to making tote bags, while more complex two day to three-week courses include making a full 50’s skirt dress. All classes are available as one-to-one sessions, or in groups of four to eight people.

Elena Pintus, fashion and textile designer, said: “I have beginner to intermediate classes from cushion making to simple skirts, to dress-making and quite complex skirts. I can help with individual projects.

“I’m a designer and dressmaker and I just love sharing my knowledge and skills.”

For some workshops, sewing machines, basic equipment and materials are provided, but participants may bring their own machines.

Bookings are currently being taken. See the website for more information.


  1. Start small and work your way up in sewing. It’s a great profession to begin and you’ll pick it up no problem. You could sew together pillows, little dolls, and anything you could imagine. There are many books out there too. I know when I first started out in the sewing profession, I found this site “”. There your able to get multiple books that are filled with just about everything you need to know.

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