Voluntary traineeships with the Brixton Blog & Bugle

Brixton Bugle May


The Brixton Blog and Bugle is looking for budding young journalists aged 18-25 years old to take part in voluntary traineeships with them this July. Trainees will need to be enthusiastic with an interest in writing and finding a great story. You do not need to have formal training in journalism. There will be opportunities to follow individual passions too, whether it be in news, sports, video or podcasting.

Brixton Blog and Brixton Bugle are projects run by volunteers – distributed for free to the local community. This is a voluntary position where we will aim to train you in the fundamentals of journalism.

Traineeships will be three days a week for a duration of two weeks at a time. We’d love to pay you for this, but we don’t even pay ourselves! As we start to build financial sustainability we will be seeking to offer paid trainee positions. But until then these are entirely voluntary positions. We will be able to pay travel expenses though and anything incurred as a result of reporting for the Brixton Blog.

To apply, please email training@brixtonblog.com by Wednesday June 26 with a CV and 300 words on why you want to do this placement.

The Brixton Blog was awarded funding for this project after winning a competition for local news projects.

The Carnegie UK Trust announced in May that Brixton Blog would receive funding over the duration of a year to accept trainees on a work placement programme in Brixton. The funding will pay for an office space, insurance and equipment.

The project will accept young people to the Brixton Blog for highly-structured work placements which will see them gaining vital experience in the journalism industry, while learning skills including media law, ethics and story-writing.