No borders protest marches up Brixton Hill to Brixton Prison

IMG_4604Demonstrators who oppose the Government’s stance on migration have marched through Brixton on a “No Borders” March.

The group of around 50 protestors gathered in Windrush Square before heading up Brixton Hill to the entrance to Brixton Prison at Jebb Avenue.

The protest was marked by a very heavy police presence, at one point the Brixton Blog counted at least 10 police vans around the peaceful demo. Officers from the tactical support group (TSG) and City of London police were also present.


Yesterday police scuffled with anti-G8 protestors in cnetral London ahead of the global leaders next week in Northern Ireland.





  1. No Borders! Yeah!! Say no to commerce and capitalism too. Everything should be free. Food and clothes should be free. I should be able to walk into a shop and take what I want. Say no to rent and taxes. I should be able to go anywhere I want in this planet and take what I want. Bring back the dinosaurs.

  2. Other recent developments in the history of humaity include santitation, healthcare, eductation, equality for women and religeon and colour, legal system etc. Or perhaps we should have no borders and no restrictions on these things aswell? Lets dump oiur sewage into our neighbours gardens or into the streets of Calais? Let’s allow the extremeists of Budapest freely walk the streets of London killing Jews and Gypsies eh?

    Just how mindless can the human mind egt anyway? The way the world should be?? Do me a favour and wake up to reality and read some social, and political history of something to open your eyes!!

  3. @And … No Borders is a statement of the way the world should be…the way the world has been for the vast majority of its existence and indeed humanity’s. States and political borders are a very recent phenomenon, and an extremely dangerous and deadly one at that:

    Some projects No Borders are currently involved in:
    Calais Migrant Solidarity, Anti Raids Network, annual No Border Camps across Europe, daily solidarity work with undocumented people across the continent and beyond. Look it all up if you are interested and open minded.


    • There have been borders of one kind or another, quite literally, since the dawn of civilisation. Try leaving the door to your flat, house or squat open and you’ll soon realise why borders can be good things too.

  4. Here is some more info for those who were as mystified as I was by these slightly sinister pictures…

    From Wikipedia: No Borders: The Western European network opposes what they see as increasingly restrictive harmonisation of asylum and immigration policy in Europe, working to build alliances among migrant laborers and refugees. Common slogans within the Network include, “No Border, No Nation, Stop Deportations!” “Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Residence: Right to Come, Right to Go, Right to Stay!”, “No one is illegal” and “Papers for All or No Papers at All!”

    No Border Network has existed since 1999, and its website since 2000. The No Borders Network in the United Kingdom exists since 2006,[2] with local groups in 11 cities.[3]

  5. No borders!? Maybe if they were dropped slap-bang in the middle of Syria it would be interesting to see which border they ran very fast towards first?

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