New bistro ‘Champagne and Fromage’ applies for licence in Brixton Village

Granville Arcade, or "Brixton Village" pic by Laura Spargo
Granville Arcade, or “Brixton Village” pic by Laura Spargo

A new venture, called Champagne and Fromage, has applied for an alcohol licence for a unit in Granville Arcade.

The application to serve alcohol at Units 10 and 11, Brixton Village, has been made by  Stefano Frigerio from the company Lafata Ltd.

The proposal is for a shop “selling cheese, wine and champagne and another space that will be used as a bistro for people drinking and eating cheeseboards, charcuterie boards and other simple dishes/tapas around cheese.”

Last month, neighbours of Brixton’s covered markets called on Lambeth council to create a saturation zone to control the number of new licensed premises in the area. Brixton Society have also expressed concern at the amount of new bars and cafes in the market, which they say threaten the diversity which makes it so special.

In a statement earlier this year, Bill Linskey, chairman of Brixton Society commented:  “There is nothing wrong with having some bars and cafes in a market area; they can add some variety and vibrancy. However Brixton’s unique market character can only be preserved if it remains essentially a retail market.”

You can view the full application here.



  1. This is great news and I am sure it will be an interesting addition to Brixton’s multicultural culinary offer.

    Why don’t people try things before criticising them? To me, the fact that independent owners still have the strength to struggle against multinational companies to offer us all unique products and tailored experiences is a great and revolutionary thing. I am looking forward to the opening!


  3. Looking forward to it opening. Can’t wait to sample the food. Why don’t the moaners on this site spend their energy trying to push out Kentucky fried chicken rather than an establishment that will bring some real variety to the area. Encourage the independent traders!!!!

  4. Hi everybody I am owner champagne+fromage and I will be very happy to tell you more about the concept and to answer to your questions.
    One important point, it will not be posh!! We only have champagne from small producers, not brands not marketing that are perfect for matching cheese and charcuterie. All our products are directly imported from France from small producers and not available in other places in London.
    The second important point is that we are mostly a shop with some tables to try our products. We will be open from morning till evening to develop the spirit of the market.
    Please free to ask me more.
    Lets bubble soon!

    • Hi Stefano,

      This absolutely sounds fabulous.

      I would love to hear more about it, especially the potential date of opening?

      Is there an email I could reach you on?

      thank you!

  5. Cashing in on the hard work of the pioneers.

    why has no one moaned about the iced yoghurt chain that is not only ugly (looks like it was designed in a basement flat in Stevenage , but out of place and a chain of about 30 shops that belong in shopping malls?

  6. Whether it sells booze is one thing—but that name. Good GOD no. Appalling.

  7. You don’t want to put up your nose at the prospect of a shop with 30 different cheeses!

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