MISSING MOGGY: Distinctive Mimi missing from Brixton Hill

MISSING MOGGY MIMI: Gone since yesterday
MISSING MOGGY MIMI: Gone since yesterday

UPDATE: Mimi showed up on Friday night at her old flat. She is now feeling rather foolish about it all.

The owner of a Brixton Hill cat with a distinctive ‘moustache’ has asked for Blog readers to help get her back safe and sound.

Mimi went wandering yesterday morning in the Upper Tulse HIll/Brading Road area, off Brixton Hill, but has so far failed to return.

Owner Jane Harrington told the Blog:

Mimi Von Smallhausen is a black and white cat, with a white chest and with a distinctive moustache-like black marking under her nose. Yes, she’s a Kitler. She’s easily spooked, so she could be hiding in a shed, or under a bush, or the like.

The two-year-old cat is not wearing a collar but is microchipped. If you have any idea where she is please call Jane straight away on 07957 233083.

MISSING MOGGY MIMI: Gone since yesterday


  1. That’s good news indeed! these missing moggie stories make tough reading – let’s hope they all end in safe returns like this.

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