MISSING MOGGIES: Bryan returns home to Helix Road


A much-loved missing moggy from Helix Road has returned home following an appeal on Brixton Blog.

The black and white scamp went missing on May 13, and owner Andreas Nyberg feared the worse.

But news emerged today that Bryan had been handed back safe and well.

Andreas told the Blog this evening: “After massive support fro neighbours, we have managed to find Bryan. A special thanks to 59 and 61 Helix Road. Thanks for all your help.”

The owner’s appeal, which included posters put up in the area, has sparked a rather tongue in cheek copycat campaign. Posters in the area emerged today showing a picture of a “sexually depraved party turtle named Keith”.

STILL MISSING: Keith the party turtle
STILL MISSING: Keith the party turtle

The poster, spotted by Blog reader Stuart Taylor, continues: “We fear he may have joined Bryan the cat in a whirlwind adventure like in Milo and Otis.”



  1. Keith the sordid flipper flapping turtle swung past last night… clearly drunk… left th ehouse in a state.. then departed through the back door…

    How did he get the door open without thumbs?


    He understand young Keith has a problem. But living so close to the Whitehorse, well its envitable.. such inviting and wonderous establishments make us all giddy!

    I ask.. dont judge… he hasn’t hit rock bottom yet.

    twitter – #keiththeturtle

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