MISSING MOGGIES: Bryan, from Helix Road, Brixton


The owners of a missing cat from Helix Road, Brixton have launched an impassioned plea for help to find him.

Bryan, a moggy with distinctive black and white colouring, went missing from his home on the night of May 13-14.

His owners think he might have squeezed out of the window before falling somewhere and getting stuck.

Owner Andreas Nyberg said: “I’ve been worried sick looking for him. He is one of the friendliest cats you’ll meet.”

He urged anyone who finds Bryan to pick him up and take him inside, and to call Andreas immediately.

You can contact him on 07785614716 or 07531313651 





  1. Hi
    Did you find your cat? I have found one very similar that I have been looking after. It is a similar age to yours.

  2. Hi there,

    I think we saw Bryan on Sunday around 6pm. We live on Helix Rd (number 81) and he comes and sits on our front windowsill sometimes- we have a kitten who sees him through the window and miaows at him, which is why I remember. I’m afraid we haven’t seen him since Sunday evening so this might not be much help, but he was definitely on Helix Rd on Sunday at around 6pm/7pm.

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