Kings Cross venue ‘Drink Shop and Do’ apply for licence for Brixton shop and bar

The back of the Bon Marche centre. Picture from Google Streetview
The back of the Bon Marche centre. Picture from Google Streetview

The Kings Cross based enterprise Drink Shop & Do have applied for a licence to run a new branch in Ferndale Road, Brixton.

If approved by Lambeth Council, the operation will take over the back of the historic Bon Marche Centre’s ground floor and could include a cafe, bar and design shop. More details about the premises are found on a commercial property agents website here.

The applicants, childhood friends Kristie Bishop and Coralie Sleap, want a licence to sell alcohol from 9am until midnight on Mondays to Wednesdays, 1am on Thursdays and 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.

The website for the Kings Cross branch says: “We are a design shop and café bar selling products from emerging designers alongside vintage furniture and home wares.

“Everything is for sale: from designer crafts, vintage tea sets, 1950’s dressers and unusual tables and chairs, to hand-made cakes, ice creams, specialty teas, kitsch finger sandwiches, bottled beers and cocktails.”

Last year, Dogstar and Effra Social owners Antic succesfully applied for a change of use for the space from restaurant to bar use, and said they planned to open a bar named “Szaban in March.


  1. At last the possibility of a high end business entering the Brixton revival, I can not think of a more positive catalyst for the area. Lets hope they are successful and start the uplifting trend towards a vibrant Brixton.

    • ‘high end’? I thought Brixton already was vibrant,isn’t that why all the hipsters are moving here? And I can certainly think of a more positive catalyst for the area – how about some afordable housing for those who have grown up here.

  2. So glad to hear there is going to be another Drink Shop & Do. The one in Kings Cross is great fun and I think has really helped to liven up the area. I’m certain that the locals will love it and it will no doubt help bring a new crowd of people to an area that is evidently turning into a independent, creative hotspot. I’m looking forward to heading that way when it opens.

  3. Really nice to see a small independent doing well in a sea of big businesses. Love what these guys do and its ace to be able to take friends somewhere for a drink, have a great cocktail and not be surrounded by people just out to get drunk! There are fun craft nights that offer something a little different, and if its anything like the KX branch it will definitely bring something new to the area.

  4. Have been to the Kings X Drink Shop Do a few times since it opened and really love the atmosphere and quirky detail, it would be great to have one closer to home.

  5. ‘Drink Shop and Do’ sounds really cool and I think would do well in Brixton. Would make a change from Pound Shops, Mobile Phone Outlets and Real Estate Agents. Hope they get the licence. Bring it on…

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