New Sainsbury’s supermarket on Tulse Hill granted licence

The existing Carpetright and Topps Tiles building. picture from Google Streetview
The existing Carpetright and Topps Tiles building. picture from Google Streetview

Lambeth council last night granted a licence for a new Sainsbury’s supermarket on Tulse Hill.

A planning sub-committee, meeting at Lambeth Town Hall passed the application, despite 148 objections from local residents. The store will be able to sell alcohol between 7am and midnight, seven days per week.

The supermarket is due to open on the site of Carpertright and Topps Tiles stores, at the junction with Brixton Water Lane, later this year.

Read more about the plans for the store here.

Objector David Woods told the Blog that he had expected the licence to be granted because objections were not about the sale of alcohol, but about the impact of a supermarket on the area.

He said: “Objecting to the license was the only formal mechanism left for us to use, and it was still very valuable as it made Sainsbury’s aware of the serious concerns of a large number of residents.

“Sainsbury’s are meeting with Lambeth Highways today to discuss the cost and process for them to address concerns about the crossing, parking and transport. İ remain optimistic that they will go beyond their legal duty and offer to resolve our major concerns.”

Another objection came from Tim Fairhurst of the Josephine Avenue Group (JAG). He said: “It became clear that Sainsbury’s extensive consultation with police to adapt their application, and their subsequent concessions that will be reflected in the licence conditions, were influenced by the volume and substance of residents’ objections. Together with other local groups we will continue to engage with them to get the best outcomes we can.”

Lisa Poyser, from Sainsbury’s, has previously told Brixton Blog the “prominent retail site” will create 100 jobs for local people.

She added: “We will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum during construction and will keep the community informed throughout the works. ”


    • Ar but that be on t’other side of Brixton ‘ill and unknown to the folk round here.

      Also, everyone in there is really grumpy for some reason.

  1. Fantastic news. Let’s hope the local businesses see the opportunity that this presents. Will significantly increase footfall.

    • But where we gonna get carpet?

      Seriously, you are of course right, any shopmaker with a bit of nous will look for the gaps in Sainsbury’s offering and fill them.

      Or they could just moan and grumble as they go out of businesss

  2. Good to see that the council have some sense. Will bring jobs to the area and convenience for people.

    • ‘’ Will bring jobs to the area’’ LOL. Some number crunching: Sainsbury’s checkout staff pay = £6.31 an hour in 2011. Sainsbury’s chief of staff Justin King collected pay and bonuses of £3.24m in 2010

      So, somebody working in one of these new ‘’jobs to the area’’ for shall we say 40 hours a week will be paid £252.40 BEFORE tax.

      Could you afford to live on that?

      • No, but I’d probably have the wit to apply for tax credits and housing benefits. No-one will be working 40 hours a week, BTW, with the possible exception of the manager.

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