MISSING MOGGY: Renewed appeal to help find Claude

Claude 2
FLUFFY: Claude went missing at the start of March. He has a distinctive fluffy tail

The owners of Claude, a missing moggy from Leander Road, Brixton, have launched a renewed appeal for help to trace him after recent sightings.

The distinctive fluffy-tailed feline went missing from owners Rachel Ferriman and Cis O’Boyle one month ago. Although they feared he may have been run-over, an appeal in The Brixton Bugle prompted neighbours to call them and suggest he may still be alive.

Rachel told the Blog this morning: “A cat matching Claude’s description was seen on Saturday (April 6), in the gardens at Josephine Avenue and Helix Gardens, and then a little later crossing Brixton Water Lane to Effra Mansions back gardens on Crownstone Road.

“He looked thin, and was very scared and wouldn’t come near us. There’s a chance it could be someone else’s cat we saw, but we really hope it is our Claude.”

She asked Blog readers in the area to check their gardens for a small black cat, with a bushy tail and pale green eyes. Anyone who spots Claude is asked to keep him indoors and call Rachel on 07714 649984 or
Cis on 07958 566094.

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BUGLED: An Appeal in April’s Bugle prompted a number of phone calls



  1. Hello. I’m not sure if this is the same cat, but I saw one yesterday hanging around our estate that could have been Claude. he was climbing a fence and generally up to mischief. Definitely similar though, so worth a look I think. We’re on the Edmunsbury Estate, 3 mins behind Body Shop on the high street. Good luck and feel free to get in touch.

    • Hi Stuart – thanks for replying!

      We’ve had a few calls about a similar cat down that way & further north around the Skate park. I think it’s probably too far away to be ours (although I’ve now learnt they roam much further than I’d thought!) and having got a good look at the stray near us I’m sure it’s our Claude.
      but, you never know! If you see it again, can you take a photo of it?


  2. Hello,
    Claude’s also been spotted since the weekend. He is just very very nervous after living rough for a month and we are desperate to get him home as soon as possible. If you see him, please call – any time of day or night.


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