Appeal for more residents to join Made in Lambeth collective

Members attend the last Made in Lambeth weekend at the Town Hall. Pic by Good for Nothing
Members attend the last Made in Lambeth weekend at the Town Hall. Pic by Good for Nothing

A collective of Lambeth residents who have come together to find new ways of making the borough a better place are preparing for their next weekend-long collaboration event.

Made in Lambeth, a group which includes designers, community organisers and web experts, now wants to expand to attract more skilled locals to help brainstorm new projects. It is backed by Lambeth council and the social project Good for Nothing.

Their next meeting will be at Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton, on April 27 and 28, and will focus on improving Lambeth’s public spaces. Organisers are appealing for new volunteers to sign up to the weekend on their website.

Kat Flint, a designer from Brixton, has been involved with Made In Lambeth from the start: “The area you live in is your home as much as the roof over your head, and part of feeling at home is having a say in how it’s arranged.”

“Made In Lambeth has been a great and enjoyable way for me to put my skills to use in service of the community, with the aim of creating something worthwhile through collaboration with other local residents,” she added.

So far the group has convened on two separate weekends to solve six challenges: from encouraging neighbours in the same street to get to know one another, to a creating a new website and branding for a youth group.

made in lambeth 2The events are focused on doing stuff and not just talking about it,  and so far the group have produced posters, websites, apps, project plans, noticeboards – all in response to real social challenges.

The collective comprises of people from a mix of backgrounds: from graphic designers to brilliant organisers, to those with legal, financial and software development skills.

If you are reading this and think that Made In Lambeth sounds interesting, then you can sign up at to find out more about the future events and start sharing your ideas.

Made in Lambeth Film from Good for Nothing on Vimeo.