Somerleyton Road negotiations underway

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Provisional plans for a huge new development at Somerleyton Road have been put out to consultation.

Lambeth council wishes to redevelop a strip of land on Somerleyton Rd to include a new theatre, public spaces, housing and residential services. The drawings shown here are ideas, rather than any finished plan, and the council is looking to hear from the public about their thoughts.

One of the key parts of the redevelopment is the inclusion of Oval House Theatre, currently based in Kennington, on the site. Current ideas have a residential tower block on top of the  projected Oval House Theatre building.

The project is being run by the council but they are working with local organisation Brixton Green, an organisation with more than 1000 shareholders, which hopes to build new housing and services such as a health centre on the west side of the street.

The council is also working with local groups including residents from Carlton Mansions, the Brixton Society, London Mural Preservation Society, Southwyck House TRA and the Moorlands Community Group.

Oval House Theatre needs the plans to be written up in the next month in order that their Arts Council funding application be submitted on time for the last round of funding before cuts are made.

In the current suggestions, shown below, the Nuclear Dawn Mural remains intact. The likely number of affordable homes in any new housing is currently under discussion.

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After a consultation with all stakeholders and those residents who take part, the council’s architects will submit drawings to be voted through Cabinet. If these are agreed and get the go ahead from government, then building is likely to start in roughly 2015.

You can follow the consultation and comment yourself at the Future Brixton website here.

Urban 75 have a very good summary here and a discussion thread on the issue here.




  1. Hello,

    My name is So and I am an associate at Social Life (

    We are working with Brixton Green to run a series of Action Planning Workshops about Somerleyton Road over the next few weeks. The aim of the workshops is to involve people living and working in Brixton in developing detailed and realistic plans for the redevelopment of Somerleyton Road.

    We have launched our blog ( with information about the Somerleyton Road Action Planning Workshops. The blog has an explanation of the workshop process and a list of dates and times. Please share the information with anyone who might be interested and we would encourage you to come along and take part in the discussions.

    Please join our workshops, leave comments on the blog, or email us at

    You can also find a write up of the comments and ideas from the February 9 event at Dexter’s Playground on our blog!

    We hope to see you or hear from you over the next few weeks!

    Warm wishes,

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