Brixton Market does the Lambeth Walk for New Year’s Day parade

Lambeth mayor cllr Clive Bennett on board the Brixton Market float on New Year’s Day. Picture by Cygnus Imaging

Traders from Brixton’s much-loved outdoor market were joined by the Mayor of Lambeth and volunteers of all ages when they took part in the annual London New Year’s Day Parade.

The Brixton Market Mad Tea Party float was judged seventh best of all the London boroughs, with the mayor, cllr Clive Bennett, being awarded £1,500 prize money for charity.

As the converted lorry made its way through the central London route, the mayor and other traders threw 50 boxes of satsumas into the crowd.

Spokeswoman for the Market Traders’ Federation, Camila Cabral, said: “It was an amazing sunny day, we had so much fun dressed like old fashion traders at a mad tea party.

“But the best of all was the Mayor performance singing, dancing and interacting with the public, they cheered and were delighted with the Satsumas we gave away.”

The mad tea party set was designed by renown theatre designer Magdalen Rubalcava, from Brixton, and the material was supplied by waste management firm Veolia.

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