Brixton Hill By-election: Tim Briggs, Conservative Party

Tim Briggs, Conservative

Statement from The Conservative Party: 

Tim is a former film and TV actor who joined the Parachute Regiment and served in Afghanistan. He lives in Lambeth with his Peruvian wife and their two children. Tim is now a housing solicitor fighting unscrupulous landlords and antisocial neighbours. He volunteers as a legal adviser at a local advice service. Tim decided to stand for election having helped numerous local residents deal with problems that could so easily have been avoided with better support from the Council.

Tim knows Labour have let Brixton down. Council failures to deal with licensing and litter problems have turned a desirable community into a late-night no go area, with anti-social behaviour and an increase in crime being the most critical problems.

Securing better services for council tax payers is a must – there is a pressing requirement to create better value for money for these services, such as ensuring they are put out to tender and an analysis of the detail to determine cost efficiency.

Schooling is an issue about which Tim is passionate.  He is very keen to ensure local schools offer real aspiration for Brixton pupils, that parents have more say in their child’s education and that each child has every opportunity to excel.

We need leadership like that in Brixton.  Tim’s priorities for Brixton Hill are:

  • Rectifying Labour’s licensing mess and improving the safety and cleanliness of our streets
  • Securing a fairer deal for Lambeth Living Leaseholders
  • Raising standards in local schools so that every pupil reaches their full potential
  • Demanding better value for money for Brixton council tax payers
  • Holding Lambeth Council to account for waste and mis-management and scrutinising Lambeth’s spending


  1. I look across the border into Wandsworth and see a London borough that has its act together, delivers much better value for money (i,e. much lower council tax) and still get the job done. I ask myself, what do I get for my money as a Lambeth resident: sure as hell I don’t get my streets cleaned on a regular basis, responses to my emails and calls to the town hall, collection of unwanted wheelie bins, collection of fly tipping, regular cleaning of areas where the public have urinated… I give Stockwell Avenue as an example of total money squandering and utter wastefulness.

  2. I know I’m late with this, but I was delighted to hear he polled just 6% of the vote.

    No good can come from having Tories in Brixton. None at all.

  3. Eric is the one who has problems with facts! Women were not given the vote before the war. At the end of the war, in 1918, however, the Representation of the People Act gave SOME women the vote – those over 30, and in 1928 this was extended to all women over the age of 21. Why did it take so long? Because the Conservative party tried to fight against it like they always fight against anything that means more equality. You’re right Eric – facts are a bitch – and you got yours wrong! 

    • I’m sorry Trumpy, do you have a learning disability? Are you drunk? I said 1918 & 1928. It’s here. On this page. In black & white.

      So where did you get anything about “before the war” from??

      All you’ve done is REPEAT my facts them tell me I was wrong!!!!

      • Are really being so asinine as to insist that the Conservative Party tried to resist the extension of the franchise to women, Eric? There is a clue in the ‘conservative’. Conservatives don’t like change – you know, ending slavery, stopping child labour, paying workers a minimum wage, giving working people the vote, giving women the vote – these are all things they didn’t want to happen. Conservatives only like to share privilege with just the right sort of people. They don’t like equality. It annoys them. Seems to annoy you too, poor Eric! 🙁

      • So ignoring your “before the war” catastrophe then? How predictably honest of you.

        Sure you know lots of Conservatives, & thus have a clue what they like, much as you have a clue about anything else you’re talking about. Am sure they don’t like stupid change.

        Speaking of asinine, Trumpy, not content with many previous examples of idiocy today including:

        – Saying Tim Briggs is wealthy
        – Called me a UKIP supporter.
        – Claimed Conservative Party resisted female sufferage when it was introduced by a Conservative government
        – Claimed that 1918 is “before the war”.
        – Repeated my facts re 1918 & 1928 as being facts, & then told me I’ve got my facts wrong
        – Claimed that the Olympics were a Conservative project.

        …. you now claim to know what annoys me?!? Laughing at someone is not the same as getting getting annoyed, sweety.

        Not hard to see why you post anonymously.

        (Or is that because you’ve named yourself after a book decrying cuts to the US armed forces…?)

  4. Uncertain by name & “uncertain” of his facts.

    Tim’s a man raising a young family while starting his own business, how does that make him wealthy, or anything other than struggling like the rest of us?

    Wish I was surprised by dishonesty & bile in an election in Brix Hill, but I’ve been here too long.

    Can see why “Uncertain” Trumpets in anonymity.

    • Give me a break. So he might not drive a Bentley but he is part of a political party with a proven track record in making inequality worse and making life more difficult for working and poor people. Just look at Tim’s Tory Party’s record on resisting progressive change – they didn’t want manumission, women voting or laws to stop child labour, racial discrimination or a minimum wage and they fought tooth and nail against all of them.

      How they going to help ordinary poor and working people? The answer is they will not!

      • None of which drivel-served-as-fact alters the fact your “wealthy” jibe was either ignorant or dishonest.

      • Come on then Eric what have I said about the Tories that is not true? I’ll wait while you search for and post up some example of their altruism and progressiveness. Because you do have some examples, don’t you? As for dear Timmy is he is really as struggling as the rest of us – and crucially actually cares about the rest of us – then what is he doing in the Tory party?

      • That’s not true?? Well off top of my head:
        – women 1st got the vote in 1918 under a Coalition Gov that was.. wait for it.. majority Conservative, with part of the Liberal party.
        – women got a fully equal franchise in 1928 under..wait for it.. a massively majority Conservative Gov!

        So, that’s the second absurd baseless claim you’ve made today.


  5. Everybody knows that wealthy, right wing Tories like Timmy only want what is best for Brixton. They can do something to fix our problems of inequality, poverty, inadequate housing and schooling while at the same time cutting funding and imposing austerity on all of us to pay for the banking crises caused by, er, the friends of wealthy, right wing Tories and their deregulation and so called ‘’free market’’ economics.

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