Council to decide on lapdancing club tomorrow

Angry residents have launched a petition against an application for a sex establishment on Brixton Road.

In a licensing meeting at Brixton Town Hall tomorrow, councillors will decide on whether to allow the site at 62a Brixton Road have a lapdancing club license. The venue is also a Portugese restaurant called Max 2.

Films, live music, belly dancing, adult entertainment and topless dancing would all take place at the venue under this license.

The petition can be found here and the application here. The meeting will take place at 7pm in Room 8 at the Town Hall tomorrow.


  1. In all fairness strip clubs are good if they are regulated properly. The majority of strip clubs in Essex are regulated, but I have seen some further afield where the girls offer near-on escort services and that is crossing the line. There should be a regulator in charge of making sure the lap dancers are regulated properly so that gents know they will not be offered “extras”. We run a local mobile lap dancing club and pride ourselves on the reputation of our girls.

  2. I am not so naive to believe that having tighter rules on things such as page3 and lap dancing clubs would eliminate objectification and violence against women but it would go a long way to improve the situation.

    As for saudi arabia, pakistan and toher countries they have and use different methods of controlling women which are not always comparable to the UK

    • If you looked at that link I posted you will note that lap dance club free Lambeth has a higher incidence of rape that lap dance club heavy Camden, perhaps that is because the circulation of the Sun is higher ?

      • Or perhaps it is to do with how the police deal with reports of rape in respective areas, having work in domestic and sexual abuse across london for some time (including Camden) I can tell you that police responses vary greatly and will affect levels of reporting.

        Not to mention that we have shockingly low levels or reporting and conviction in this country.

        The bottom line is you do not accept that there is a link between lap dancing clubs and increase in violence against women, i do. This is ovbiously not something we are going to agree on.

      • When we started you said there was a “proven link” when clearly there is not , it’s just your opinion or based on your personal experiences. All the stats I have seen suggest there is no correlation between the number of lap dancing clubs and sexual assaults. If you take Northern Ireland for example which has not had a strip club since the IRA blew them up in the 60s, it has a lower rate of rape than England {which has had strip venues for 50 years or more} but a higher rate than Scotland {which has also had strip venues for 50 years}. Luton {no clubs} has more rapes than Bristol {4} etc

        You can oppose strip clubs for moral, taste, or religious reasons but what really gets my goat with the likes of Object is how they invent public safety concerns without a shred of evidence and try to repeat them so often that people might accept them as fact rather in the way totalitarian states use the “big lie”.

  3. well I’m with Rachel and the good news is so are the people of Brixton as the council received several objections and rejected the license.

  4. Working in the Violence Against Women sector there is no doubt in my mind of the link between the objectification of women and the levels of violence against women in our society. I have come to this conclusion not only through my professional work but also personal experiences.

    • You mean that in a society that does not “objectify” like say Saudi Arabia or Pakistan there is no violence against women ? If someone could prove to me that there was a link between strip clubs and violence against women I’d alter my views but banning strip clubs {and Page 3, LadsMags, Beauty contests, undraped piano legs etc etc as Object wants} will have about as much effect as banning unclothed dress shop dummies.

    • Well taking “Fact 4” the Camden stuff is taken from the Lilith report I mentioned and is totally innacurate,
      read this on the subject ,

      I would not look for anything factual on the Object web site more a tissue of lies, invented anecdotes, and half truths. Tower Hamlets did have a consultation on the strip clubs but though it closed in October 2011 it has still not reported suggesting to me that it did not go the way the council {who wanted to close them down}wanted.

      Most of the other “facts” have no basis whatsoever in real facts . All the stats I have seen suggest that strip clubs create much less crime and nuisance than conventional clubs and pubs. As I said I can see why people don’t like strip clubs in their area for moral or political reasons but to try and dress this up into a public safety issue without any evidence to back it up is ridiculous.

  5. Lap Dancing clubs are proven to increase violence against women both inside the clubs and in the surrounding areas. lambeth council has a duty to protect its residents from this.

    • Where is the proof that they “increase violence against women” ? Normally people who say this quote the Lilth report which has been debunked more that the flat earth theory over the past 6 or 7 years. You may not like lap dancing clubs for political or relgious reasons but please stop trying the invent “facts” that all available evidence says are utter rubbish.

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