American singer Trey Songz victim of attempted robbery at Brixton Academy

Trey Songz performing at Brixton Academy before would-be robbers tried to grab his chain

The American singer Trey Songz fell victim to an attempted robbery after performing at Brixton Academy for a BBC 1xtra concert in Brixton.

While he was signing autographs for fans at the back of the popular venue on Monday, a would-be robber tried to grab chains from his around his neck before making off with others in a car.

Police said that there may have been a gun involved in the incident, which took place at 12.30am

The ‘Heart Attack’ singer took to Twitter at 5am to say: “Shout to the Brixton jack boys who tried to get me… better luck next time n****s.” The message was retweeted thousands of times, with Brixton trending globally for a while yesterday.

A spokesperson for Lambeth police confirmed the incident. She said: “It is reported that at the rear of Brixton Academy an attempt was made to grab chains from the neck of a man as he emerged from the premises.

“Security personnel intervened and it is said the suspect produced what was believed to be a firearm. The suspect, and a number of others, made off in a vehicle.”

No shots were fired during the attack, and CID officers say their investigations are continuing.



  1. I have read several comments on what happened on Monday, some people that Trey invited a female fan on stage which is 100% inaccurate I saw his performance last night on youtube, but he did jump into the audience though. I’m just glad that he & the team are fine. I know that it will be full complete extra security for his shows for now on during this US/ UK tour and more in the future.

  2. Never mind Trey Songz being a victim to an attempted robbery, in the photo above he has forgotten to put his shirt on. The idiot.

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