Brixton added to weekly post-work runs

Running enthusiasts, rejoice! The post-work running club, Home Run London, has added Brixton to its routes after being pestered by a local runner.

The route goes from Green Park to Brixton at 6.15pm every Wednesday, while Home Run London drive everyone’s bags and coats to Brixton. Each runner is provided with an arm strap for phone,keys,Oyster, or cash card.

Lauren Tones, who initiated the push for a Brixton run, said: “I work in Wembley, so to get involved I was getting the tube to Waterloo and running with them from there to Clapham Junction. Which is a great route, but having to get the train and tube to Brixton from there was getting quite tiring.

“So many people in Brixton run! I see people with their backpacks on running down the high street after work. And so many people are crammed on the tube at Green Park (where I would usually change on my way home), so I pestered Home Run via twitter and it was no surprise that when they included the route in an online poll it was easily the most popular!”

Home Run have planned a scenic route, taking participants through St James’s Park, over Lambeth Bridge and along the river through Vauxhall Spring Gardens to avoid the crowds.

Two ‘leaders’ come with the runners, at the back and the front of the pack, and there is generally a mix of abilities. Tones, who is training for a half marathon at the end of the month, describes it as a “relaxed, non-competitive vibe”.

The route is, of course, perfect training for all those hoping to win the Brixton Bolt


  1. Not sure who “initiated” – I’ve also been requesting Home Run London to do this specific route since some months ago. Others may have done similar. Anyway well done to all who supported getting it established.

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