Who will be the Brixton Bolt?

Usain Bolt might be the fastest man in the world, but who’s the fastest in Brixton? The answer to that question might come sooner than you’d think. Brixton resident Tom Shakhli is organising a 100m race to find the Brixton Bolt (man, woman or child) this autumn.

Inspired by the reaction to Bolt’s 9.6 second win in Brixton, Shakhli set about organising the Brixton version of the race in record time.

“After the Olympics, I was thinking of how to harness that good feeling. In Sienna, they have a horse race that goes through the main square every year. I’ve always been inspired by the way that transforms the public space.”

“There’s an increasing interest for people to have things that have traditionally seemed distant brought to a local level. Brixton has good examples of this already. This gives normal people the chance to have a bit of glory that is normally reserved for a select few.”

In just under two weeks, Shakhli has already got a website, interest from the council and proposed dates in October for the race. He wants to set up the 100m on a central road, such as Coldharbour Lane, so that it is not hidden away and is easy for anyone to take part.

“The idea is that it’s not celebrating people on a pedestal. It’s normal people and you can only enter if you’re from Brixton. It would be nice to get as many people as possible – different communities, local organisations and schools.”

Details are yet to be confirmed, so keep checking for more info at www.brixtonbolt.com