Man jailed for Brixton raids during unrest

JAILED: Shirley was sentenced to two and half years for burglary

A man who raided two restaurants and two stores in Brixton during the  August unrest has been jailed for two and a half years.

Kadeem Shirley, 21, was caught on CCTV stealing cash from McDonalds, Brixton Road, before crossing the road to Kentucky Fried Chicken where tills were smashed open during the mass disorder on August 7 last year.

He was also seen taking boxes from Footlocker, which was later gutted by fire, and more goods from Vodafone.

Shirley, of Hercules Road, SE1, was sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty to the four burglaries at Inner London Crown Court.

Investigating officer traineee detective constable Suzanna Lucarotti said, “This conviction is the result of hard work by the Lambeth Operation Withern team over many months.

“The looting that he was involved in caused fear the public, in particularly the innocent staff working within some of stores. It also caused extensive damage and financial loss to local businesses. Some of the stores involved never fully recovered from the disorder. Footlocker remains closed in Brixton.”

When arrested in February 2012, Shirley initially denied any involvement. It was only when officers presented the CCTV footage did he then admit his involvement.


  1. What a shame. The banks and corporations steal billions from the taxpayers, and this poor man gets jailed for taking back a little bit of what we are owed. Who really cares about KFC and McDonald’s property rights in 2012??

    • Tell you what, the next time some yob like Shirley tries robbing you I suggest you ring a left wing comedian to come rescue you and stop him.

      As for the bankers, I wouldn’t jail them, I’d fine them all their millions. That would really HURT them.

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